Summer Studio Project

My wife and I had purchased a house in April. Since then we have had a million projects to work on in addition to our day jobs. We had specifically looked for a place that had a garage to be transformed into my studio space. Here is the progress thus far.

The start

While moving, the garage became the “catch all,” space.  My first order of business was an attempt to organize the craziness.


The previous owners had cut a rather large hole in the back of the garage to make a little extension for the nose of a boat.  My plan was to pull this down and build something a little more secure.

From the Ground up
Wall Studs
Current state of things

This picture was taken today.  Somewhere along in the process I was focusing so much on doing the work and not too much on documenting the process.  Anyway, I have finished the darkroom, sealed it with drywall, rigged up a sink, installed a wood stove, and build a brick wall.  Time to start making some work.