Tom DeLooza
My work stems from a childhood spent building my own toys and costumes. Often inspired by antique or used objects, I construct still-lives and tableaus with the intention of being photographed. In the case of the submitted images, these installations represent a possible future that has passed. The Adventure series is an ongoing project in which I am acting out youthful hopes and dreams. This project started with the idea of asking my past self what I wanted to be when I grow up. I have recently begun to invite other participants into my studio to play the roles of their own past imaginations.

A love of handmade things has drawn me to work with antiquarian photographic processes, particularly wet-plate collodion, in which I am making my own photo emulsions, cameras, and other equipment. The joy for me is not merely in the final image, but in the entire process. The endeavors of my internal mad scientist are appeased through mixing chemistry and witnessing the magic of silver change into an image; the childhood engineer is instilled with a sense of wonder as he transforms cardboard into a fighter plane.